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Alma Muñoz

Alma Muñoz

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Ecommerce marketing

11 Challenges for Ecommerce in 2022

Take note of these trends for ecommerce that will shape sales and consumers in 2022.

Illustration of a smiling Earth globe
Omnichannel strategy

Countries with the most opportunities for online sales in 2022

The world's leading ecommerce countries and technologies for global sales.

B2B ecommerce trends
B2B Digital Shelf

Trends in B2B online sales for 2022

The trending strategies for B2B commerce.

Pacman game with ecommerce symbols
Ecommerce marketing

Gamification in eCommerce: How to Implement it Effectively

What is gamification and how to use it in your online store to attract customers.

Illustration of some red wool yarns connected by a thread

Save time and redundant work when creating catalogs

PIM is the fastest platform for creating the highest quality catalogs.

Illustration of a green gameboard

Centralize product information dispersed in many sources

Streamline your marketing team with a single platform for all your product information.

Illustration of person watering a flower
Ecommerce marketing

Best practices for implementing a Product Content Management system

How to implement a Product Content Management system in 7 steps.

Illustration of a red apple and a green apple

Differences between PIM and CMS systems

Differences between PIM vs CMS and how to integrate both systems in your team.

Illustration of a supermarket checkout with products
Product Experience

How to improve your ecommerce shopping experience

Avoid low conversion rates and cart abandonment with these tips.

Illustration of a man juggling with some bags
Ecommerce marketing

What is Shoppertainment, the New Shopping Trend in Europe?

How to create shoppertainment content about your products and get more sales.

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