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Alma Muñoz

Alma Muñoz

Illustration of a person sitting on a cloud and another sitting on the ground

Cloud-Based DAM vs On-Premise DAM? Which is Better?

Learn the differences between a cloud-based DAM and an on-premise DAM as well as the advantages and drawbacks that each tool can provide your business

Illustration of two shelves with digital file icons
B2B Digital Shelf

What is the Digital Shelf?

Learn more about the digital shelf, what it means, the challenges it poses to manufacturers and retailers and how automation can help you emerge as the winner

Illustration of a map with a railroad track, a store, a computer, and a smartphone.
Omnichannel strategy

How to Create an Omnichannel Customer Journey

The ultimate guide to creating the perfect omnichannel customer journey for your potential buyers and how to drive sales as a result

Illustration of a pair of hands holding a box with a recycling symbol and a plant on it
Ecommerce marketing

Sustainability in ecommerce: 5 Ideas for your Business

Our top tips on how to make your ecommerce business more environmentally sustainable in your marketing, sales and operations processes

A person running with a cloud kite

What is Cloud PIM Software?

The ultimate guide to cloud-based product information management system, how it differs from on-premise PIM and how Sales Layer can help your business

Frans Bonhomme logo
Catalog Management

How to Manage Orders from Large Buyers with a PIM: Frans Bonhomme

Our case study with Frans Bonhomme details how PIM enabled them to manage 50,000 products and more than 100,000 customers in real-time, with zero delays

Labyrinth with a package on its center and a human face on the beginning
Product Experience

What is Product Experience Management?

Why Product Experience Management is the key process to boost your sales.

Illustration of a shoes catalog on a mobile app
Catalog Management

How to Sell Shoe Catalogs Online

Read our guide on how to create an online shoe catalog designed to increase visiblity and engagement, improve customer experience and drive more sales

Illustration of a person riding a rocket
Ecommerce marketing

7 Key Sales Strategies for Retailers in 2022

We've compiled a list of the top 7 sales strategies for retailers in 2022 as well as the challenges facing ecommerce and how to overcome them

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