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Alma Muñoz

Alma Muñoz

Ecommerce marketing

How to Create Product Data Sheets for ecommerce Conversions

Tips on how to ensure your product data sheet contains everything its needs to stand out from your competitors and at the front of the digital shelf

Illustration of an online product catalog
Catalog Management

How to Create the Best Online Product Catalog

Guidance on how to utilize PIM to create the best online product catalogs for B2C and B2B commerce, driving sales and an enhanced customer experience

Illustration of a bottle with a SKU tag
Catalog Management

Guide to SKU Catalog Management (2022)

Discover the importance of SKUs and implementing the correct product management solutions to enhance the quality of your catalogs across all channels

Illustration of two people interacting with four green buttons

What is PIM (Product Information Management)?

Discover what a PIM is and how the software allows you to upload, enrich and sync your product data and catalogs across all of your B2B and B2C selling platforms

Illustration fo two people talking from different windows and digital devices

What is the Difference Between a PIM and a CRM?

Learn the differences between PIM vs CRM and their primary functions in ecommerce, as well as how you can utilize both to enhance customer experience

Illustration of an hologram of a butler coming from a screen

The 10 Best Brand Asset Management (BAM) Software

Browse our selection of the top 10 best Brand Asset Management software available to both B2C and B2B brands in 2022

Illustration of some shelves where everything is blue except for a highlighted catalog
Catalog Management

Types of Catalog Management (2022 Guide)

Find out what the different types of catalog management are, what to consider before opting for once and how PIM software can provide a valuable solution

Sales Layer PIM integration with PrestaShop

How to Manage Your PrestaShop Catalog by Integrating PIM

Read our guide on how to seamlessly integrate Sales Layer PIM with your PrestaShop website to manage and enhance the quality of your product catalogs

Illustration of a person sitting on a cloud and another sitting on the ground

Cloud-Based DAM vs On-Premise DAM? Which is Better?

Learn the differences between a cloud-based DAM and an on-premise DAM as well as the advantages and drawbacks that each tool can provide your business

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