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Alma Muñoz

Alma Muñoz

Autonomous cars and ecommerce

Autonomous cars and the new possibilities for ecommerce

Autonomous Cars and The New Possibilities for eCommerce

Print catalogs for ecommerce
Sales Tips

Do you need a paper catalogue? Printed catalogues in ecommerce

Discover if your business still needs paper catalogues and the possibilities of going digital.

The future of B2B ecommerce

B2B Ecommerce: The golden secret of digital trade

The reasons why B2B e-commerce is on the rise and its future possibilities.

Luxury industry ecommerce
Sales Tips

Challenges and problems in the luxury industry

How to successfully sell luxury products and brands in online channels.

Sales Layer and Trellis partners

We announce a new partnership between Sales Layer and Trellis

We Announce a New Partnership Between Sales Layer and Trellis

Predict best selling products
Sales Tips

How to predict which will be your best-selling products in Christmas

How to Predict Which Are Your Best-Selling Products Over Christmas

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