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5 things in which Sales Layer Blog can help you

Surely that updating catalogues, managing datasheets, editing images ... take a lot of your workday and make it boring and tiresome.

Because we worked in this area and we talk daily to many marketers, we know that these tasks are arduous, complex, repetitive, endless and sometimes, despite all the effort, they are fruitless and they are increasing the level of pressure put on the departments dealing with this work.

Our platform is already helping to simplify these issues. It is saving time for businesses and creating a micro cosmos of order and systematization out of a work that otherwise would generate a lot of headaches.

How to increase your sales with Product Information Management How to increase your sales with Product Information Management

But beyond the technological and software developments, there are many other things you can do to keep improving this type of work step by step, within the company. And our blog’s goal is this: to bring you as much useful information as possible on these five basic aspects:

# 1. Improving your online and offline sales

Sell, sell, and sell. That's businesses’ mantra, because without sales, there is nothing. In the past 15 years, the business landscape has changed from zero to infinity. The channels have multiplied and the process has also become more dynamic and complex, therefore you have to attend to many factors and we don’t always have the time or the necessary staff to optimize our online sales channels. We share our customers’ mantra but we add one new word: "Help." In this blog you will find content that will help increase your sales in your market places. It's one of our goals, and we intend to achieve it.

# 2. Motivating and analyzing life in the company, from a didactic, practical and even fun point of view

Motivation, this will be one of our main objectives. Because it is essential to develop a working ingredient that delivers results, but mostly because it is the basis of the mental health necessary for anyone in their everyday work.
By focusing on the different situations that occur in businesses, in departments, with team management, with the role of managers and in peer relationships ... we try to create, post by post, a survival guide at all levels of the company.

# 3. Contributing to becoming more productive, with working techniques and information about tools that are within everyone’s reach

Keeping the catalogues and the respective online and offline sales channels updated requires knowledge of the working system, yes, but also time because these are tasks that absorb long hours and constant attention. Once finished updating all the sales channels, new references may appear, while the existing ones may fail, this forcing us to re-start the work. Productivity is compromised again and again, but ... do you know that with a few simple guidelines you can reduce the volume of work and achieve better sales results? Are you aware of all the tools that you can find online that can help you simplify some of these tasks? We will discover these and also share tips and information that you’ll surely save in your favourite’s tab.

# 4. Inspiring you with successful business cases related to catalogue management and online sales

There are people out there who do things very but very well, just watch them it’s not industrial espionage; it’s simply learning from the best. For this reason, we try to share with you some success stories of catalogue management and maximizing the online sales process. There are great examples of companies that have chosen to invest in these areas and, today, these are a good reference point for all of us. There’s no need to make a big investment, neither economical nor personal, you only need to take the right directions and make use of the best tools for systematizing your projects that, when badly planned, can turn into a nightmare.

# 5. Telling you all about the Sales Layer evolution just in case our experiences may help you

Because Sales Layer vibrates and does not conform. We move in a world that is evolving rapidly where companies have growing and constant needs so our modus operandi must move at the same pace. From the blog, we will also tell you about the new features of our PIM management system as well as share with you the new developments related to our customers. This is not a corporate brochure, but a way to better inform you about our work, which can be helpful to everyone who follows us.

Thus, broadly speaking, these will be sections that you can find in our blog. We will try to update with information that may be useful and practical for people like you, professionals integrated in departments who deal on a daily basis with the endless task of keeping their product catalogues and sales channels updated.

In return, we would appreciate if you’d actively participate with your comments and questions. We’re already launching the first one: Is there a specific topic you would like us to discuss? We’d be happy to hear your preferences.

And of course, for not missing anything of what happens around here, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter.

See you next post!

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