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How to create Product Information Sheets that increase conversion

As you know, the e-commerce market is saturated and each day the sector becomes a little bit thornier to deal with. This put some people in a frustrating position, and others in a challenging environment that is full of opportunities. In order to ...

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What is a Product Information Manager?

A Product Information Manager is a business tool where you may import all your product information, enrich it with pictures and translations, and then distribute it to all your sales channels: Web Apps. Mobile Apps for Android or iOS. e-commerce: ...

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Developers: How to deal with product catalogs in your apps

If you’re a developer for web, iOS, Android, etc. or you’re a project manager or you run a media agency, surely you came across this problem: One day a customer asks you to you develop an app in which to display his product catalog. So you get to ...

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How to get rid of repetitive tasks in the company

Every day at the office, we come across many tasks that are constantly repeating and we’re routinely taking them on as an irremediable duty. Such tasks are introduced in the company in a quiet and progressive way until, over time, they are ...

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5 Reasons that make Excel a bad catalog manager

Most companies use Excel to organize information in product catalogs. It's a fairly common solution, but not always the most efficient. In this post you will find five reasons why Excel is not a good image manager. # 1. It doesn’t allow you to work ...

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How to Effectively Manage Multichannel Catalogs

The catalog management has never been a simple task, but in recent years this task has been complicated even further by various factors such as: Product life cycles are shorter (constant updates). More international companies: This factor ...

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Which is better? Paper or Digital?

This is the question that always pops out in any conversation about content: it is asked by publishers, writers, readers, students, sales reps, journalists, marketers... Since the apparition of the tablets and ebooks, favoring one support implies ...

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